La gastronomía también es cultura

hansah chii  miats xan

the gastronomy is culture too

In this edition of the Menu of Los Almendros, we have decided to rescue the Yucatecan Gastronomy but truly. That is to say, to attribut author, place of origin or antecedent. Know where they come from? or better yet, what city, town or community do they belong to? These great dishes have transcended time and history, have persisted even to the extinction of their own peoples, their authors, their detractors, fashions and some have several centuries. They have not cared about wars, tragedies, rulers, clans or beliefs. They have always been on the table of the most bitter adversaries as well as the most beloved friends. They are witnesses of the historical evolution of our peoples. Some have passed almost unchanged, others have suffered real attacks and yet, here they are. Others have mixed in a large pot and were reborn. We hope you enjoy the experience.